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Your Family Electrician

We are a family-based electrical contractor, located in the heart of Yakima Valley. We pride ourselves on the highest quality of work available in the market! All of our customers are our extended family, and we will serve you as such!


Electrical Troubleshooting and Service:

                    We offer all kinds of electrical services and provide the ability to troubleshoot your worst problems! With over 10 years in the industry we have extensive knowledge to be able to repair all of your electrical systems.

Panel and Service Upgrades:

                    Panels from 50 years ago were not built to handle the electrical appliances that we have these days. Whether it's the additional load of a remodel, RV space, EV charger, or solar; you need to be sure that you can handle the extra load on your electrical equipment!


                    When buying or selling a home, you need to be sure that everyone is safe! With so many older homes in the market, it is impossible to know the health of the electrical system without having it thoroughly inspected. We offer inspection services to make sure everything is working correctly, and your family can sleep safe at night! Also, a properly working electrical system can save you thousands on your home insurance!

EV Charging:

                    We are certified with ChargePoint EV chargers to provide you a great solution for all of your EV needs! Whether you need a charger installed in your garage, or a commercial-grade charger for your business; we have you covered!

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(509) 579-8042

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